Thursday Things — Including A New Review!

Noir01-Cov-Syaf-NOTFINALHello folks!

It’s a Thursday so the weekend is just around the corner. That’s always a good thing, right? I don’t have any major plans for Saturday or Sunday at this point but if it gets me out of the office for a bit, I’ll be happy.

Noticed a new review for The Adventures of Gravedigger had gone up last night, courtesy of Amazon reviewer Liz Tadehara. Here’s what she had to say:

5 out of 5 stars


I love this book. Of course it helps that I’m a huge fan of The Shadow. This was such a parody of the character. I also like the twist with The Headless Horseman bit. I won’t go further into it than that.

Thanks, Liz! I’m a major fan of The Shadow, too, and I did intend for Gravedigger to be a sort of homage to that hero, at least in terms of the ways she interacts with her agents and so forth. Glad that worked for you! And any time I can make a reader “squee” I consider my job to be a successful one!

I worked a good bit on the Lazarus Gray/Brother Bones crossover story yesterday and it’s going quite well. It’s kind of fun to take my heroes out of Sovereign and into another setting… I think it brings to life not only new facets about the Cape Noire characters but about my own, as well. The working title for the story is “Shadows and Phantoms” but that might change.

Not sure if I’ll continue my “weekly features” as both Characters I Love and Saturday Matinee have turned into the lowest-hits days of my week. It’s kind of strange, too, because on Facebook the links for the Characters I Love feature get more “likes” than usual but apparently people are liking it without clicking on it, lol! And Saturday Matinee is a fun idea but it tends to draw 50% of the hits I get on Friday or Sunday, when I’m just posting whatever nonsense pops into my head. If I really got some great thrills out of doing those features, I’d say screw it and keep doing them anyway but there are weeks it’s been a chore finding YouTube links and so forth. So you might see them vanish soon. In fact, I tested the waters for this a few weeks back, when I skipped both of them… and, yep, the hits went *up* on the days when I didn’t post new installments of those features. You’re speaking and I’m listening, as far as I can see.

Just finished reading a James Bond novel and now I’m starting up a 1938 Shadow book in preparation for next week’s Shadow Fan Podcast. So far, it’s off to a good start.

Our art today is the cover to Noir # 1, a new book coming soon from Dynamite Comics. It features the return of The Black Sparrow, a femme fatale introduced during Victor Gischler’s run on The Shadow. I really, really liked her and thought she was the best villain for The Shadow ever introduced in a comic book. I’d love to see her translated into prose if The Shadow ever gets new short stories or novels. Anyway, I’m psyched to see what’s done with her in Noir.

See you guys tomorrow!


  1. I like your weekly features. It brings back memories of characters I liked as a kid. It has also introduced me to some characters I’ve never seen before. This gets me crawling thru the back issue bin at my local comic shop!
    The matinees are great as well. It often leads me to looking thru my DVD collection and popping in an old serial. I “vote” to keep at ’em!

  2. Some one loves Johan Vasquese almost as much as they love Grave Digger. 🙂 your in good company Berry!

  3. I wouldn’t read too much into the number of hits each post gets. As often as not, I can read the entire post well-enough in the email notification, so I may not visit the site that day. Doesn’t mean I didn’t read it. 😀

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