Lazarus Gray Takes On… Brother Bones?!

BoCovGood morning!

I just uploaded the 45th episode of The Shadow Fan Podcast so if you’re a fan of those, get thee to a downloading station now! This week I spend a little time digging through Dynamite’s November 2013 solicitations, ramble a bit about the three different villains known as The Light, review “Death’s Bright Finger” (May 1942) and then give a thorough look at The Shadow # 16 (Dynamite Comics). I think it’s the best 35-40 minutes you’ll spend this week, podcast-wise, but I’m biased.

Made a difficult decision about the current Lazarus Gray story I’ve been writing… the overall plot just isn’t appropriate. It’s way too sci-fi and just doesn’t feel right. So I’m removing chapters 1 & 3… maybe they can be used for something else down the line. Chapters 2 & 4, with only minor revisions, will live on as the beginning of the revised Lazarus Gray story I’m planning. It’s difficult to do this kind of thing but it’s necessary at times. I really have no desire to roll out sub-par stories… there are definitely times when I’ve not been happy with the finished product but I’m so far ahead of the publishing schedule for Lazarus that there’s no reason to rush. Besides, by putting aside this story that’s not really working out, I can begin work on the Lazarus Gray story that I really want to work on right now…

It’s time to announce that Lazarus Gray Volume Five will feature a guest-appearance by one of New Pulp’s most popular heroes: Ron Fortier’s Brother Bones! That’s right, the Undead Avenger will be facing off against Assistance Unlimited in a story that takes our heroes into the gloomy environs of Cape Noire. I appreciate Ron’s willingness to share the character with me and I’m going to do my best to do it right.  Ron’s a good friend and a major figure in the New Pulp movement, which makes it all the more important for me to not screw it up! Since Ron did such a bang-up job writing The Rook in Tales of The Rook, I want to at least make him smile as much he did me.

For those who don’t know, Brother Bones starred in his own collection of stories (linked above) and has since appeared in “Bullets of Jade” (a comic book published by Red Bud Studio), as well as several issues of Pro Se Presents. I believe a Brother Bones novel is coming, as well, from an author other than Ron Fortier – I apologize, the name escapes me at the moment!. Regardless, he’s a character that I’ve always enjoyed in his varying incarnations and I’m looking forward to handling him, even if it’s just for one short story. Definitely go and check out the Undead Avenger’s other appearances, if you would! You’ll thank me later.

Ron Fortier had this to say about the team-up: “I’m really excited about our two characters meeting on the pulp stage and I personally can’t wait to see what happens when they do.”

Thanks, Ron!

Our image today is by the talented Sean Ali and shows Brother Bones as he appeared on the cover of Pro Se Presents’ July 2012 issue.


    1. I turned in Volume Four to Pro Se Press months ago — at the end of February, I believe. I posted it about back when I was explaining how books 2-4 will, when read together, form one giant story.

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