Monday Morning Ramblings

shadow1994Welcome to another new week at Ye Olde Blog!

Mostly took the weekend off from writing though I did do a good bit of plotting in my head and read over some reference material for my Pulse Fiction story. I think it could be quite fun — it’s strictly a work-for-hire deal so I’m following someone else’s character notes and bible. It’s fun sometimes to do that sort of thing though I always end up wishing I could take the characters in some different directions. Nobody ever does things exactly the way I’d want them to 😉

Finished reading an old Shadow novel by Theodore Tinsley – Death’s Bright Finger (1942). I really enjoyed it. Tinsley’s Shadow is much more violent than Walter Gibson’s but it makes for an excellent change of pace. I’ll be reviewing that one on the next episode of The Shadow Fan Podcast.

Had a great time recording the interview that will run as the 50th episode of the podcast. My guest was a great speaker with lots of interesting stories to share, both about Shadow lore past and present. Definitely my favorite episode of the show so far!

Today I’ll be adding a few more words to Lazarus Gray Volume Five and starting up my Pulse Fiction story. Fun times – but busy! If you want to learn more about me and what I’ve been doing — and why — please give a listen to the latest episode of the Pro Se Presents Podcast. I rambled on a bit about the origins of my characters, my feelings about the nature of pulp fiction and I even go on a mini-rant about heroism in our modern society. I can’t promise I always make sense but hey, I think you can hear the passion anyway.

True Blood ended its season last night — the show is starting to feel its age and I wish Sookie would eat something before she vanishes completely but I still enjoy the show. It’s good, trashy fun and Jason Stackhouse makes me laugh out loud every episode.

Our image today is of Alec Baldwin as The Shadow, circa the 1994 feature film. Enjoy!

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