From the Vault: The Mystery of The Rook’s Mask

When I wrote the very first Rook story (“Lucifer’s Cage”), I never knew that the mask I gave our hero would prove so challenging. Here’s how I described it for the very first time:

“On his face was a small domino mask affixed with a bird-like beak over the nose.”

Easy enough, right? But the mask has been interpreted in various ways over the years, with some folks adding wings on the sides and some dispensing with the beak entirely. I’ve enjoyed seeing the various takes on the mask and believe that artistic interpretation is fun. Besides, there’s nothing to say that The Rook doesn’t have several variant masks stashed in his closet. In recent years, George Sellas has become the primary artist for my pulp universe line of heroes and he’s done wonders to define the core design of The Rook.

Here’s a few different looks that Max Davies has sported :

Storn Cook’s Version




Ver Curtiss’s Version





Frank Brunner’s version





Anthony Castrillo’s Version





Ed Mironiuk’s Version





George Sellas’s Version





So what’s been your favorite?


  1. I would say George Sellas’ version is my favourite. I like Castrillo’s art but he often drew the Rook with a simple domino mask.

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