Groovy Times, Man. Groovy…

RU Ad smallerI’m in a good mood today – I typed THE END on my Box Thirteen story for Radio Archives yesterday and mailed it off to my editor. Hopefully he’ll give it a thumb’s up and I’ll be able to put that one in the rear-view mirror. Today I’m going to be working on an “Origins” strip for Gravedigger, which will hopefully run in the second volume of that series. If you picked up The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Three: Eidolon, you saw that there was a two page comic strip at the beginning written by myself and drawn by the amazing George Sellas. It recapped who Lazarus was and his basic origin — I want to do the same thing with Gravedigger and  eventually some of my other characters. My ultimate goal? To get enough of those things to actually fill up a small comic-book sized promo book that I could give away at conventions and appearances as sort of a primer to my pulp adventure universe. I’m not sure I’ll ever reach that stage but why not dream big?

Once I’ve put the finishing touches on The Gravedigger “Origins” strip, I’ll start working on my Pulse Fiction story for Pro Se. It’s a work-for-hire deal so I’m going off someone else’s concept and all the characters belong to them. I don’t mind work-for-hire as I think I have the right mindset for it — I’m not writing for me, I’m writing for them. It’s their baby, not mine, and as long as I know that going in, I never have an issue making the required changes.

Posted the 44th episode of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast yesterday. I spent some time talking about two of the more “infamous” periods of The Shadow’s long career: the Bruce Elliott novels (1946-1948) and the 1988 issues of DC’s comic series, where The Shadow’s head ended up on a robot body. For the most part, I’m not as much of a hater on those periods as a lot of fans but they’re certainly not among my favorites, either. Still, you can download the episode to hear what I think of them. I’m also in talks with a major figure in The Shadow world… if plans go well, I could be recording an interview with this person as early as this weekend! I’m planning to hold on to the recording for a little while, though, and run it as our 50th episode spectacular. I think folks will really dig it when it’s announced so stay tuned.

The artwork accompanying our post today is an ad put together by Pro Se graphic designer Sean Ali, using artwork created by George Sellas. It ran as a full-page ad in this year’s edition of The Pulpster, which is seen by everyone who attended PulpFest. It’s a stunning piece of work and I think it does a great job of selling my little pulp adventure imprint! Feel free to download it and share it as you see fit — I posted it all over a lot of pulp-related Facebook groups a few days ago.

See you guys tomorrow!


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