Writing Updates & Upcoming Appearances

rook_v3_girse_and_bostiff_smallWelcome back to Ye Olde Blog!

I managed to get about 2,000 words added to my Box Thirteen story yesterday, which pushed me past the midway point. If I can get close to that done today and tomorrow, I’ll have this thing wrapped up before Thursday! I’m not sure that will happen but it would be mighty nice if it did. While I’m enjoying the story, I have a number of things waiting for me to get to them – Pulse Fiction, my Sherlock Holmes novella, a Gravedigger “Origins” script and Lazarus Gray Volume Five. I feel like I’m forgetting something with that list… oh, well! I’m sure I’ll remember before the deadline hits me in the face.

I hope!

Anyway, I have a few public appearances coming up that all of you should know about:

Avalon Comics (Macon, Georgia) – Saturday August 31, 2013, time TBA

Crossroads Writer’s Conference (Macon, Georgia) – Saturday October 5, 2013, all day

Georgia Council of Media Organizations aka COMO (Macon, Georgia) – Thursday October 10, 2013, 5 pm

At all of those I’ll be present to talk about my writing, sell books and mingle with fans. If you’re in the Middle Georgia area, please come out and say ‘Hi’!

Our art today is from the amazing George Sellas and makes its world debut right here, right now! This image shows off Girse and Bostiff, the two bestial companions of Doctor Satan. The image will appear in The Rook Volume Three Special Edition, as Pro Se continues to slowly bring the complete Rook saga back into print. These guys aren’t pretty, are they? Brr. Hope you enjoy the sneak peek.

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