Lazarus Gray Scores Another 5-Star Review!

The Adventures of Lazarus GrayAmazon user Jacob Gore posted a review of The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume One and he seemed to like it quite a bit. Here’s what he had to say:

So last week I got my first E-Book for my new Kindle. It was the Adventures of Lazarus Gray. I have long loved the Phantom, Doc Savage and, of course, the Shadow, and all pulp are weighed against these giants. That said, I loved it. Started reading it today and just finished the whole thing. Its stories are fresh and definitely part of the Pulp setting – that nebulous period between the great Depression and WWII. The Characters were all wonderful, the Bad Guys were wonderfully Bad. These characters all grow and change as you read the stories. So I couldn’t put it down, and I want more now that I’m done.

Thanks for the kind words, Jacob! I had a lot of fun writing that book and I like to think that Volumes Two and Three are even better. Volume Four is written and in the hands of both my editors and my artistic collaborator, George Sellas. Hopefully you’ll see the fourth book in the series in early 2014. I’m also currently working on the second short story that will eventually see print in Volume Five! So there’s plenty more Lazarus Gray if you choose to continue with the series.

Again, thanks so much for taking the time to post a review. It’s much appreciated!