I Don’t Like Mondays

Lazarus_cvr_smallActually, I’m okay with Mondays – but it’s the title to a great song by the Boomtown Rats and I never miss the opportunity to borrow a great title!

Anyway, I’m still working on my Box Thirteen story and it’s going fairly well, I think. It’s always weird to handle a property for the first time — never quite sure if you’re veering too close or too far from what the editor will want.

Got a great idea for the opening to my next Lazarus Gray story and I might break down and write that opening chapter soon. I’ve also been doing research on another writer’s pulp hero as I’ll be guest-starring that character in a Lazarus Gray adventure. I’ll reveal all soon enough, I promise, but I will say it’s a character that I’ve been reading for years and who has a loyal following. In fact, a new adventure of the character was just published recently.

Sadly, I can’t focus much time on Lazarus Gray, despite the muse pounding on the door to my brain. After I finish Box Thirteen, I need to start work on my Pulse Fiction story for Pro Se Productions and *then* I need to work on my Sherlock Holmes novella and *then* I owe Pro Se another Thunder Jim Wade tale. I think. Hell, I’m starting to have trouble remembering all my obligations! As for Pulse Fiction, the newest episode of the Pro Se Presents Podcast features an interview between Tommy Hancock and Paul Bishop as they discuss the origins of that project.

Reading-wise, I just finished a history of the Vietnam War and now I’m reading an old Doctor Who novel from the early 1980s. I also read a great comic called Downward Spirals this weekend, written and drawn by John Simcoe. It’s a comic book about hockey-playing opossums. Yep, that’s what I said. It’s a gag strip, with each “daily” strip printed on a page, along with the results of that night’s game. Over the course of the book, you follow the Downward Spirals through their season. It’s great fun for fans of humor comics and/or hockey! If you’re interested in it, you can find John on Facebook at facebook.com/thejohnsimcoe.

Here’s the inspiration for today’s blog title, by the way — enjoy! It’s a classic.

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