Friday Festivities

rook_v3_iron_maiden_smallWelcome back to Ye Olde Blog!  It’s a Friday edition so that means we’re gearing up for the weekend around here… a time of escape from the office and a focus on the family. Good times.

So I received an interesting bit of news about a potential Rook multimedia expansion yesterday but as with all truly exciting things, I can’t talk about it. So just know it’s out there and cross your fingers for something concrete to develop.

Work continues on my Box Thirteen story. I’m close to 2,000 words into it and I have to admit, I’m slogging through it at present. I like the story’s concept and the characters involved but something’s not clicking with me yet. I have this problem a lot when I work on characters that I wasn’t initially invested in. There are times (such as with Thunder Jim Wade) that I develop a love for the hero as I’m writing him. Sometimes it never develops and I’m left with a story that (hopefully) other people will enjoy but that always leaves me cold. Not every story I’ve written and gotten into print is one that I’m proud of or think is my best work. Sometimes it’s just that — work. I’m so early in the Box Thirteen story that there’s plenty of time for it to become something more.

On a whim I picked up the first book in the Percy Jackson series. While it’s understandably juvenile in places, it’s also really good fun. If I’d been a kid when this book came out, I’d probably have adored it. Good young adult action/adventure and it shows how New Pulp could easily be translated to a new and younger audience.

Got permission to borrow another New Pulp author’s signature character for a guest appearance in Lazarus Gray Volume 5. I’m not ready to reveal the character’s identity just yet but I think it will be a lot of fun seeing him interact with Lazarus.

Our art today is by George Sellas and will be featured in the upcoming The Rook Volume Three Special Edition. The menacing woman pictured is The Iron Maiden and she’s wielding a sword that belonged to Grimarr, the Sword of Hel, who starred in a couple of stories I wrote for Tales of the Norse Gods several years ago. Though Grimarr hasn’t popped up since then, he was referenced in The Rook Volume Three and he’ll get another mention in the second Gravedigger novel. He was a fun little concept that I might go back to at some point.


  1. Can’t wait to read Lazarus Gray vol. 4 & 5! Just started reading The Family Grace and I’m lovin’ it. Next on my list is The Rook. Great news about the Rook getting more multimedia attention. Your characters could easily cross over to comic books, animation or live action platforms. Looking forward to further (good) news.

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