The Sweetest Words A Writer Has Ever Typed… The End

gravedigger_small_colorYep, I’m likely to finish the second Gravedigger novel either today or tomorrow. It’s been a fun ride but as always I approach the end of a story with a whole bunch of mixed feelings. On the one hand, I’ve lived with this story and these characters for quite awhile — there’s the sense of loss, like I may never “see” them again. Even though I have plans for a third book and beyond, the muse may sometimes take flight… there’s no guarantees in this world, no matter what you might think the future holds. On the other hand, there’s a sense of excitement. Finishing a book is quite an achievement and I generally take 2-3 days “off” following the completion of a novel — so I’m looking forward to that. And, of course, I have numerous other projects waiting for me to finish this one so I can start on them: Box Thirteen for Radio Archives, Lazarus Gray Volume Five, my Pulse Fiction project, a Sherlock Holmes novella and a Thunder Jim Wade novella. Hell, I’m probably forgetting even more…!

Anyway, I will be typing The End very soon… and I hope you’ll join me in downing a celebratory bottle of Dasani, my drink of of choice.

So what is the second Gravedigger book about?

Well, in very broad terms:

Mortimer Quinn arrived at the end of book one… in this one, we get to see more about him, where’s he been and what role does he have to play in Sovereign City?

Li has apparently won the heart of her teammate and friend Cedric Hendry… but is that romance a good idea for either one of them?

The clock continues to tick for Charity Grace… she has three years as Gravedigger to redeem her own soul — and now “The Other” that The Voice warned her about has arrived. The greatest test of her life now stands before her and Charity is worried that she’s going to be found wanting.

A daring prison breakout… Gravedigger & friends on board a crashing plane… a would-be Emperor of America… and the deadly secret behind the myth of Pandora. All of those are part of the story!

I think people who enjoyed the first book will really dig the sequel – but I’m knee-deep in it right now so I could be biased 😉

Our art today is the original character design image that George Sellas did for Gravedigger. It influenced everything that followed!


  1. I’m glad you keep churning out prose about your original characters. I’ve already read Lazarus Grey vol 1 and only have one chapter left to go on vol 2. Love it! My wife is having a great laugh because I’m finally reading BOOKS again. LG vol 3 & the Family Grace arrived a few days ago so I will be diving into those(can’t wait!).
    After that the Rook followed by Gravedigger. It’s a good time to be a (new) pulp fan! Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories with us!

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