Hump Day Musings

jen_artIt’s been a busy week so far and there’s only more to come. It can sometimes be a challenge to balance my writing with my day job and my home life but I feel that if something is really important to you, you’ll find a way to get it done – somehow, some way. The second Gravedigger novel is in the stretch run now – I could possibly complete it sometime tomorrow but early next week may be more likely. After that, I need to talk to George Sellas about how we can approach the cover and whether or not we want any interiors for it. George is currently working on The Rook Volume Three Special Edition and then he still has to look over the fourth volume of Lazarus Gray in preparation of the that book’s cover. Yes, I keep him busy.

Speaking of art, I got another sketch from Jen Broomall, who will be working on a Gravedigger image for me. I’m not sure what it will be used for (possibly the back cover of volume two?) but it’s looking gorgeous so far. I’m a big fan of Jen’s work and I’m thrilled to have her depicting Charity Grace.  Our art for today is a piece by Jen and I think you’ll agree that her style is very well suited for Gravedigger.

The New Pulp world has been fairly quiet lately with a lot of folks gearing up for Pulp Fest. I wish everybody a fun time – one of these days I’ll make the trip, I promise.

I released a new episode of The Shadow Fan Podcast this week, which was the 41st in the series. Wow… it’s hard to believe I’ve done so many!

Also, I’m a guest on this week’s episode of The White Rocket Podcast. It’s always fun talking with Van Allen Plexico and our discussion ranged from my influences to the writing process and beyond. Definitely check it out!

Wish me luck in putting this newest Gravedigger adventure to bed. I have a lot of other commitments that are beginning to press upon me and I’ve got to start hitting the keys to avoid a deadline crunch!

See you guys tomorrow.

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