A New “Die Glocke” Review!

die_glocke_cover_LOW_RES_mockup_croppedC. William Russette posted a review of The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Two: Die Glocke and this is what he had to say:

I read the the second Lazarus Gray book, DIE GLOCKE, and enjoyed it just as much as I did the first. So much so, that as some time had lapsed since reading it, I went back and read it AGAIN! Mr. Reese is no stranger to writing, his bio speaks for itself but have I not read as much of it as most. Mr. Gray and his troop, Assistance Unlimited, had me on board almost from the get go. A number of the old baddies return much to my pleasure, new villains show, some larger than life and other just freakin’ bizarre but I love them all that much more for that! The writing is deft and to the point and travels along at a good clip. The troop goes abroad and deals with trouble in Sovereign City. We meet new allies as well. Interestingly enough there are deaths as well. (One being very upsetting. You have been warned.) I’ve said too much perhaps. Fans of Mr. Reese will not be disappointed. Fans of Mr. Gray will feel like they are sitting in with old friends after too long abroad. I sure did. I enjoyed it a great deal.

Now I must acquire book three!

Thanks very much for the review! Writing a sequel is always a little daunting — the first book was very well received and I wanted to both continue that success while also taking the series in some new directions. It sounds like I mostly hit the right notes in doing that, which is always a great thing to know. Given how you were surprised by the death(s) in this one, I’m really curious what you’ll think of volumes 3 & 4…

Thanks again!

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