Friday Fun

hipster_hahaSpent the morning listening to the new episode of the Pulped! Podcast — this week, it features a round-table discussion about New Pulp & Its Connection to Classic Pulp. That’s a topic that I’ve been talking about a good bit this week so you might be interested in the opinions of folks like Derrick Ferguson, Andrew Salmon, TJ Glenn and a whole lot more! If you want to give it a listen, just head on over here. I agree with a lot that was said, disagree with a lot that was said and had no real feeling one way or the other with a lot of what was said.

I can see the 40,000 word mark approaching on The Adventures of Gravedigger Volume Two. I won’t hit it today but early next week is a definite. I think the story is really moving along quite well, with some real strong character scenes. I enjoy having my characters grow and evolve so this kind of thing is actually my favorite part of doing series work. I like to know that Assistance Unlimited or Gravedigger or The Rook are all very different characters in the later books than they were in the original story. I try to keep the core of the characters intact over time but relationships and motivations might shift.

Reading-wise, I’m still enjoying Batman: Fear Itself (a prose novel) and I’m also re-reading Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, a series written & drawn by John Byrne. I’ve been on a New Gods kick lately, having revisited the old Jack Kirby originals and been inspired to dig out even more stories featuring Orion, Lightray, Darkseid, etc. Great stuff.

If you’re looking to follow more of my ramblings, you can find me on Facebook (I have a ‘fan page’ and a personal page) and Twitter (@barryreesepulp). I love interacting with you guys so definitely jump onto your social network of choice and say hello.

Hope you’ve got exciting plans for the weekend!


  1. Your mention of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World books makes me want to dig out those two Kirby B&W magazines DC put out. ‘In the Days of the Mob’ & ‘Spirit World’. Must be 40 years since I read those!

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