Saturday Matinee: The Animated Lives of The Batman

Beware-the-Batman-Full-Poster-ImageEvery Saturday I find a movie or clip that I think will appeal to the fans of this blog. Since most of you enjoy action/adventure, I tend to focus on something that falls into that category. This week we’re looking at Batman’s animated incarnations! Now, Batman has been in a LOT of cartoons over the years and I’m not gonna be able to cover them all. But here’s a nice sampling of his various appearances.

First up let’s look at the 1968 The Adventures of Batman. This is a slightly choppy look at Batman and some of his main allies & enemies from this show:

Now, many people first learned of Batman through the Super Friends show. Here’s the 1973 opening to that classic series:

Batman: The Animated Series is rightly considered the best Batman cartoon of all time. This is part of “Mad Love,” one of the most celebrated episodes — it features Harley Quinn & the Joker:

The Batman was a rather divisive series but I really enjoyed it. Here’s part of a Black Mask episode:

And finally, here’s the trailer for Beware The Batman, which debuts later this month:

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