Eidolon Gets A New Review

eidolon_and_darkling_01_low_resThe Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Three: Eidolon received another review on Amazon.com, this time from reader Ray Bara. This is what he had to say:

Nobody writes “New Pulp” better than Barry Reese, and The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 3: Eidolon is clearly no exception. The stories are full of action, with never a dull moment. The characters are well rounded and fit the pulp-style mold perfectly. The five Assistance Unlimited members, especially the titular Lazarus Gray, are written the way you want your characters written: brave and heroic, yet flawed too. The villains are great as well, in particular, The Darkling, a new addition to the Lazarus Gray rogues gallery. I also love the way that Reese has molded a great story arc for this book, but in a way that the arc is continuing toward the next book as well. As much as I loved reading the book, and hated for it to end, I am anxiously anticipating the next volume. If you are looking for great adventure fiction, check out the Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 3: Eidolon.

Thanks, Ray! I really appreciate the  kind words. The Darkling was a character that I really had a lot of fun writing — he was probably the most direct Shadow homage I’ve ever done and I think it worked really well. You get to find out a good bit more about his background in Volume Four, which should make you happy. The story arc you referenced will come to a close in the next book (though the series itself will continue, of course). I’ve never really been an “epic” kind of writer but I did try to do some things with books 2-4 that would lend itself to that sort of thing. Glad to see that it’s working for you – so far, at least! The real test, I suppose, will be when you’ve had a chance to read the wrap-up.

Our image today features The Darkling (in the background) and Eidolon (foreground). It’s by the amazing George Sellas and is a wonderful depiction of these two anti-heroes.

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