A New Week Begins!

spirit_alandavisYep, it’s another Monday at Ye Olde Blog. It’s amazing how quickly the days are flowing by — it’s already July! Yowza.

Work is progressing very well on Gravedigger Volume Two. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to creep up to the 30,000 mark by the end of the week, which would mean that I’m halfway through with the novel. So far, it’s a very worthy sequel in my not-quite-unbiased opinion. The villains are powerful and have some special connections to our heroine… and I’ve found some good opportunity to give the various members of the supporting cast a chance to shine.

Finished reading the Dr. Zeng Omnibus this weekend. The series features a Caucasian who, through plastic surgery and the fact that he spent 20 years in the Orient, is able to pass himself off as Dr. Zeng, one of Chinatown’s greatest minds. He moonlights as an evil-smashing hero. It’s good, classic pulp fun with only a few tinges of racism (it’s a product of its time, people, always remember that). The first story features a midget who bites people to death.

It only gets wackier from there.

The production values are high and the original interior illustrations are included. It is a bit pricey ($34.95 retail for a paperback) but I definitely enjoyed the stories.

Someone told me recently that they check my blog every day to see what’s going on in the New Pulp world. I confess that I was a bit taken aback since I think I don’t really focus on very much outside of my own little circle of writings. Maybe back when I did the New Pulp Bestseller’s List, you could argue that I was a one-stop shop for news and so forth… but I mainly use the blog for promotional purposes and to give an outlet for all the crazy things that go through my head. Still, it was flattering — but if you do want to know what’s going on in the greater New Pulp community, I’d recommend All Pulp or Coming Attractions. I visit both sites on a regular basis.

Sundays have once again become my busy night for television as I watch Big Brother (my reality tv guilty pleasure), True Blood and Dexter. I’m certainly going to miss Dexter when it ends after this season. There have been ups and downs over the course of the series but overall, it’s been a real winner.

Our artwork today combines two of my favorite things: Will Eisner’s The Spirit with the talented pencils of Alan Davis. Lovely, isn’t it?

See you guys tomorrow!


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