Tarzan-disney-9065913-1024-768Every Saturday I find a movie or clip that I think will appeal to the fans of this blog. Since most of you enjoy action/adventure, I tend to focus on something that falls into that category. This week we’re looking at one of the more interesting takes on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ jungle hero, Tarzan — Walt Disney’s! Disney had a very successful theatrical film (with songs by Phil Collins), which then led into a series called The Legend of Tarzan. There was also a prequel film called Tarzan II that was released straight to dvd that showed more about our hero’s childhood with the apes.

While the Disney version deviated from the novels significantly, they retained a lot of the heart and were great at introducing kids to this wonderful and classic hero.

First up is a clip from the movie, as Tarzan and Jane get to know one another.

Next up is an episode of the tv series — this one adapting The Lost City of Opar story.

Finally up is another episode of the tv show, this one featuring Edgar Rice Burroughs himself!

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