rabbit_heart_smallWelcome back to Ye Olde Blog!

A new episode of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast has been uploaded — hard to believe it’s the 37th one. Time has certainly flown! I do enjoy talking about The Shadow every week but I have to confess that there weeks that it’s harder to drag myself in front of the laptop. Usually I’m good once I start talking, though. My enthusiasm catches up with me eventually!

Surged past 20,000 words on the second Gravedigger novel. It’s going really well — we just unveiled the real villain of the book, after much teasing and discussion. Her arrival comes after a particularly violent scene… arguably the bloodiest scene in the series so far. I didn’t hold back on having Gravedigger mete out justice. With Lazarus Gray, I try to adhere to the more traditional pulp hero stuff, in terms of the villains usually die because of their own plans, etc. but with Gravedigger, she’s all about the violence. It’s fun to cut loose every now and then.

In some ways, Charity Grace is the spiritual forerunner of Fiona Chapman, the star of Rabbit Heart. Both are gorgeous brunettes with a taste for sharp implements… but Charity takes those similarities and grafts them into my pulp adventure universe, whereas Fiona’s world is just too dark and sexual to ever coexist with Lazarus Gray, for instance. It’s kind of funny — when I was writing Rabbit Heart, I originally meant for the Ascott Keane role to be played by Max Davies. Given the adult nature of the story, I turned to Ron Fortier for advice — should I keep it in the same universe or would this provide a nasty surprise to people who were used to the level of violence in The Rook. He recommended that I not use Max Davies and in hindsight, that decision was a great one. I think Keane worked much better for the story I had to tell and I like Rabbit Heart being its own entity.

Speaking of which, Pro Se has a new edition of Rabbit Heart in the works 😉 In honor of such, the art today features Jason Levesque’s classic cover image for that book — we’ll be using that same cover for the new Pro Se Edition, though I’m sure graphic designer Sean Ali will make it even more spiffy in terms of the cover placement of the logo and so forth. The image itself is GORGEOUS!

I’ve been getting some fun feedback on the Saturday Matinee posts lately — I’m glad that people still enjoy them and if you ever have any suggestions or requests, let me know.

See you tomorrow!

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