Another Day, Another Blog Post

emma_watsonIt’s a Tuesday and I’m wishing I were still snuggled in bed. Alas, there are things to do — so I’m up and at my desk, writing this little missive for all of you. Aren’t you lucky? 🙂

Had a nice phone conversation with one of the higher-ups at the pulp publisher I teased you about yesterday. We talked about the project I’m doing for them and some potential multimedia expansion of same. I always take such possibilities with a huge truckload of salt — there are so many things that could derail the best-laid of plans. I try to just focus on my part of it — the writing — and let the rest shake itself out.

Work continues on the second volume of Gravedigger. I crawled past the 17,000 word mark yesterday and I think the entire thing is shaping up to a real winner of a story. For those of you who read the first book, you’ll know that The Voice warned Gravedigger about the coming of “The Other,” a sort of dark reflection of Gravedigger. Well, in this book you find out who that person is… and they’re a figure straight out of classic mythology. Yes, just as I played with the Headless Horseman in the first book, this time around, I’m pulling someone else from folklore — this time from a much older myth. I hope people find it interesting.

My plans for the future look like this: try and finish Gravedigger volume 2; then do a second story for Lazarus Gray volume 5; then do this mystery project for my mystery publisher (not sure I can share the details as of yet); then back to Lazarus Gray.

Of course, I’m sure that those plans won’t stay in place for very long. My muse might carry me into another direction or some publisher might come calling with a new project, deadline attached.

Once I’m done with all of *those*… I don’t know. Maybe it’s time for something different. Maybe I’ll try and dip my toes back into Pulp Obscura or seek out a new publisher for something new to do. I like to mix it up but whenever I do, I end up yearning to be back with my own creations.

I found this lovely picture of Emma Watson today and was enchanted by it. She’s very photogenic and I absolutely love the black and white images of her — timeless and beautiful. Hope it brightens your mood a bit.

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