Monday Chatter

miss-fury-bannerIt’s a Monday, which means we’re starting off a new week here at Ye Olde Blog. Hopefully all of you had a pleasant Father’s Day yesterday – I spent the day with my family and got some pretty cool loot as gifts, though of course the best part of the day was simply playing with my son and relaxing.

Reaction to The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Three: Eidolon has been very strong, even though the print edition is still several days away from being released. I’ve heard from a number of people who have already bought the eBook edition and, as you saw from yesterday, it’s already garnered one 5-star review. As excited as I am for everybody to read this book, it just makes me more anxious for you all to see the conclusion in Volume Four! I’m never satisfied, am I?

My work on the second Gravedigger volume has been going quite well, though I’m having to spend part of today working on an old Moonstone project that was accepted quite awhile back. Can’t say I’m looking forward to doing this but who said writing was always fun?

Not sure what the next released after Eidolon will be from Reese Unlimited… I think it might be the re-release of Rabbit Heart but we’ll see.

Currently reading the Eisenhorn Omnibus by Dan Abnett, my introduction to the Warhammer 40K universe. So far, I’m loving it! Very good stuff. I also just got the Dr. Zeng Omnibus from Altus Press but I won’t get to that one for awhile. Looking forward to it, though. Continuing with the book talk, I also got the last three print books that Margaret Weis Games published for the Marvel Heroic RPG. I’m still quite sad that the system died such an early death but it was quite fun and I’ll continue to use it whenever I can.

Over on the comics front, I’m still enjoying The Shadow and The Shadow: Year One from Dynamite Comics… I’m also enjoying Miss Fury, though the narrative is unnecessarily confusing. I’m also trying the first few issues of their Black Bat revival but based upon the first issue, I don’t think I’m going to continue getting it.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more news & commentary. Until then, be careful out there — you never know when a dark society is going to launch their latest plot to take over the world!


  1. Let me know how EISENHORN is, okay? I’ve had that thing sitting in my To Read pile for the longest. Bought it on the strength of Abnett’s reputation and the cover artwork.

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