Darkendale Raven has given us our first review of The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Three: Eidolon! The print version isn’t here yet but the book is available for your Kindle and Nook now!

Let’s see what Darkendale thought of the story:

Usually I wait for the paperback of books like this. I am old fashioned, I love the feel and smell of a good book in hand. But this time, Barry Reese has dropped so many breadcrumbs about the continued adventures of his pulp heroes, that I jumped at the chance to read this one at once!

And I was not disappointed. Doctor Pemberley escapes prison aided by dark magic and a mysterious summonings! Princess Femi, the, resurrected Egyptian Queen of the Undead returns once again! Abraham Klee, turned by his mad scientist father into a super criminal who uses 90% of his brain, faster, stronger, quicker thinking becomes involved with these two bad eggs. Also in the group is Stanley Davis, wickedly clairvoyant. And Constance Majestros, returning for revenge on Assistance Unlimited for destroying her face is bankrolling the entire group, now known as Murder Unlimited, and determined to make Lazarus Gray and his associates pay in spades. Truly a battle royale for pulpdom!

Then there is the matter of an evil relic, said to be the body of the devil, or at least some high order demon. A powerful talisman that absolutely oozes dark power, it was cut into pieces and scattered long ago. Lazarus Gray himself had stolen the devil’s heart while he was a member of the Illuminati as Richard Winthrop, turning it over to Walter Lunt. Now various powers are in a race to collect all the body parts, to rebuild the demon, and endeavor to control the almost unlimited dark power it possesses.

Assistance Unlimited is asked by the US Government to seek the devil’s body on their behalf. Nazi Germany is sending their own agents in hopes of unleashing the power of the devil for the Third Reich. And the mysterious Darkling, with powers similar to The Shadow, but perhaps darker, wants the body for his own purposes, leading to battles between The Darkling and Lazarus Grey. During all of this intrigue, one member of Assistance Unlimited is turned into the very strange Eidolon. That’s enough hints, and certainly no more than Barry usually gives in his timelines.

Who will prevail? Can Murder Unlimited gain revenge on Lazarus Gray and company? Who wins the great race to assemble the devil’s body? What happens to the devil’s body as a relic? Will evil become unleashed? Who becomes Eidolon, and what power could turn one of Assistance Unlimited’s own? Read the stories. They are worth it, believe me! Barry has outdone himself with this volume.

As an aside directly to Barry Reese, I had wondered if I could guess who was going to be Eidolon knowing only what you had hinted would happen. I went down each member of assistance Unlimited and weighed them for likelihood. I was right! I didn’t get the how, just the who!

Great novel. I can’t wait for the book to join your others on my shelves! Looking forward to more from a man who is fast becoming the greatest new pulp writer ever!

High praise indeed! Thanks so much – and I’m like you, I prefer the feel of a real book in my hands, though I do indulge in 6-10 eBooks a year.

Glad you figured out who Eidolon would be – and I’m glad you found it an exciting addition to the Lazarus Gray narrative. I have a feeling you’ll enjoy the wrap-up in Volume Four just as much!

Thanks again!


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