Eidolon Is Almost Here…

laz3coverThe Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Three: Eidolon will be available any day now… if you missed out on how to snag a review copy of the book, just scroll down a few days on Ye Olde Blog and you’ll find all the details. The middle chapter in a sprawling three-book epic, this tome is described by my publisher in this way:

Who or what is Eidolon? Assistance Unlimited investigates a puzzle that began in the steamy jungles of Peru and the discovery of a fabled lost temple…

Will it end with the fall of a hero?

The Adventures of Lazarus Gray™ returns with action, excitement and danger as Assistance Unlimited plunges into the heart of evil…

…but will they all survive the journey?

I think that’s a pretty apt summary… at the end of the second volume, Assistance Unlimited had added two new members: former SS officer Jakob Sporrenberg and Southern spellcaster Abigail Cross. As they settle in to their new roles on the team, our new heroes come face-to-face with the deadly Murder Unlimited before encountering a vigilante called The Darkling. The Darkling’s arrival coincides with a word-wide search for a mystical artifact that could mean the end of mankind. Along the way, one member of Assistance Unlimited is transformed into something dark… and another may very well find death waiting at the end of the adventure. I think it’s a rollicking adventure with plenty of twists and turns — and I hope you’ll agree! Volume Two swept the Pulp Ark Awards this year, winning Best Novel, Best Cover and Best Interior Art, so I think George Sellas and I have a lot to live up to.

When you’re finished with this one, I suspect you’ll be wondering where we’re headed from here… and all I’ll say is that Volume Four is going to knock your socks off.

Stay tuned!

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