Gravedigger Earns Another Rave Review!

Jose Rivera was kind enough to leave a review on Amazon for The Adventures of Gravedigger. Here’s what he said:

I’ve read some of Barry Reese’s previous work in Lazarus Gray and while I eagerly await the third volume of that, I was surprised to find The Adventures of Gravedigger. Another hero in Sovereign City but this one is such a stark contrast from Lazarus Gray or The Rook. Gravedigger operates under the premise that The Voice chooses you to be the next Gravedigger: you have three years to vanquish evil and do good; if you do well, you live. If you don’t…you die. Talk about pressure! In the three stories, two of Reese’s characters show up and are somewhat important to the plot. Some might say that’s just pushing more popular characters into the story while Gravedigger takes a back seat, but I disagree. Not only does Charity and her team hold their own, but it shows how interconnected this New Pulp universe is. Each story flows well into the next and I am VERY eager to read the next book. This is definitely a buy!

Thanks so much, Jose! I felt that Charity’s connection to Samantha Grace meant that Lazarus Gray had to show up – and The Rook appeared in Lazarus Gray Volume One so it’s sort of a tradition to have him give his “approval” to a new series in my universe 🙂


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