20121228-083913.jpgSo it’s finally Friday — and it’s been a long week, my friends. I’m looking forward to a fun weekend with the family and on Monday I’ll be seeing Fleetwood Mac in concert for the first time, something that I’ve always wanted to do. I’m expecting one hell of a show.

I’ve had a productive week from a writing perspective, adding several thousand words to The Adventures of Gravedigger Volume Two and getting a thumb’s up on the weird western tale I submitted to Mechanoid Press. I just finished a nice, lengthy chapter on Gravedigger and I had thought about possibly switching over to start on the second story for Lazarus Gray Volume Five but I think I’ll continue with Gravedigger for a bit more since I’m in a nice rhythm with that one. I’ve been really pleased with the feedback I’ve gotten on Gravedigger and I think my plans for the second book will further cement her in the minds of fans.

I’m supposed to receive the final story for Tales of The Rook Volume Two today so finger’s crossed. After an uneventful Volume One, this one has proven to be a bear, with writers dropping out, some expressing interest but then unable to actually contribute and some missing deadlines. Ugh. This is why I prefer to just write, people. Anyway, it’s a good set of stories and I think fans of Max Davies will enjoy it. There won’t be any real contribution from me though I’ve considered throwing in some ‘weird’ items if people think they’d be interested in seeing them: an animation script I wrote for The Rook plus the comic script that was turned into the tale that appeared in All-Star Pulp Comics # 1. Would anyone want to see that kind of thing or should I just leave them buried on my flash drive?

Lazarus Gray Volume Three should be out around June 19 — it’s the middle chapter of a big epic that stretches from volumes 2-4. I think this book has two fantastic stories in it. The first introduces a group known as Murder Unlimited who are built specifically to take down our heroes. Some old (and evil) faces return for that one. The second tale is called Eidolon and it’s from that story that the book as a whole gets its subtitle. We meet the mysterious Darkling and embark on a globetrotting adventure that features Nazis, werewolves, deaths & resurrections… and the fall of a hero. Who or what is Eidolon? I think you’ll enjoy finding out!

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  1. Would love to see the comic script!
    I would actually love to see you write a 4-6 issue mini series with art by George Sellas. I’m a comic book reader (big time!) and would love to see new or adapted stories in graphic novel form. Maybe a large format trade book?
    You create; I buy!

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