The Day After

LG3_cover_smallHello and welcome to another Friday edition of Ye Olde Blog!

Yesterday was a busy day around here as we set an all-time record for hits to this site. My post about Kindle Worlds was shared far and wide, for which I am quite appreciative. I was surprised that most of the Kindle Worlds hate that I’d seen the day before didn’t pop up in response to my posting but maybe I was just so persuasive that I changed their minds 😉 More likely, cooler heads had prevailed by the time I actually posted my blog and people have moved into the “wait and see” mode.

Now, normally on Fridays I’ve been doing New Pulp Recommendations but I think that’s going to become just an irregular feature. Whenever I have something that I’m enthused about, I’ll post about it and encourage others to check it out. If I don’t have anything foremost in my head, I won’t force myself to come up with one. A perfect solution, at least for me!

Heard from Pro Se Press design guru Sean Ali yesterday. Looks like they’re in the final days of getting The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 3 laid out and ready to go. This will be the middle chapter of a huge, sprawling epic that spans books 2-4. When you finish volume 3, you’ll see that the story is obviously not quite complete but I do think it stands well as a grand adventure on its own. With this one, we’ll introduce a major new hero named The Darkling and we also see the transformation of one Assistance Unlimited member into a much darker character known as Eidolon. The cover to the third edition is included with this post and it’s by the amazing George Sellas.

Considering that the second book in the series won Best Novel, Best Cover and Best Interior Art in the 2013 Pulp Ark Awards, I’m hoping that there will be a lot of interest and excitement over this next release.

I did type THE END on the first story that will run in Lazarus Gray Volume 5. After the big events of the previous three books, I plan for volume five to follow the model we had for the first book – five or six short stories, all with running subplots going through them. The first one deals mainly with a felonious financier (I like alliteration) and a zeppelin crewed by beautiful deadly ladies. At the end of it, we’re introduced to a larger threat that will wind its way through the rest of the book. Should be fun!

Now I need to put the finishing touches on this weird western tale for Mechanoid Press and then I can work some more on Gravedigger Volume Two.

Always busy!

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