lg_v3_abby_vs_femi_smallIt’s a Tuesday here at Ye Olde Blog, which is exciting mainly because that means it’s no longer Monday! We should always embrace the positive, right?

Uploaded Episode 32 of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast this morning. After taking a week off from it, it was fun to dive back into some Shadow talk. I reviewed an episode of the radio series and a classic novel from 1936 (“Intimidation, Inc.” – love the title!). If you like The Shadow, give it a listen, why don’t you?

Work continues on the current Lazarus Gray story, which I hope to finish before the end of this week. Then I can focus on writing the last few thousand words on my weird western story for Mechanoid Press… then it’s probably back to Gravedigger for a little while. I plan to alternate work on Gravedigger & Lazarus Gray until I finish both books.

Speaking of Lazarus, I know that the third volume has come through editing and should be out very soon — the image accompanying this blog post today is an interior piece from that book, drawn by George Sellas.

George, by the way, is currently working on the cover for The Rook Special Edition Volume Three. Volume Two has only been out for a few weeks so grab that one while it’s fresh.

Things never slow down around here, do they?

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