Pariah (Marvel Heroic RPG Stats)

First Appearance: Crisis on Infinite Earths # 1.
“He has conquered all disease! His control over the weather makes our world a paradise. He is the greatest of the greats!” — Crisis on Infinite Earths #7.

Affiliations: Solo D10 Buddy D8 Team D6

Distinctions: D4 (+1PP) or D8
It’s All My Fault!
Emotionally Unstable
Flair for the Dramatic

Power Sets:
My Powers Are a Curse!
Godlike Durability D12
Godlike Resistance D12
Teleportation D12
SFX: Invulnerable: Spend 1 PP to ignore Physical Stress or Trauma unless caused by Anti-Matter Energy attacks.
Limit: Uncontrollable – Teleportation automatically takes Pariah to scenes of mass destruction. Turn the power into a complication and gain 1 PP. Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to recover the power.

Cosmic Master D10 or 2D8 or 3D6
Science Master D10 or 2D8 or 3D6
Tech Master D10 or 2D8 or 3D6

Character Background:

tiny1Kell Mossa (he was, at various times, called by both names — I’m assuming his proper name is Kell Mossa for the purposes of this website) was born on a planet known to comic fans as Earth-Omega. He was, without a doubt, this world’s foremost scientist. He cured world-wide disease and invented machines that regulated the weather. He was seen as a savior and a hero and he reveled in the adulation.

But not all was perfect. Mossa had grown cold and arrogant, marrying out of convenience and fathering two children whom he discribed as “emotional nuisances.” While his wife was never named, his children are known to have been named Tarran and Mart.

Mossa’s greatest work was at hand, even as his marriage was crumbling — he had discovered the existence of a multiverse. Despite legends which warned that such probings would only lead to destruction, Mossa pressed on and created an Anti-Matter Chamber which would bridge all universes.

Mossa entered the chamber, hoping to witness the origin of creation — instead, he gave life to the greatest evil the multiverse would ever know. Mossa’s experiment awakened the slumbering being known as the Anti-Monitor, who eradicated Earth-Omega and began the events known as Crisis.

“Everything was gone. And I…was suddenly very, very… alone. My first million years were spent trying to understand the enormity of what I had done… I spent another million years in the nether-void understanding what I had lost. My wife…my children…The love I had successfully ignored. And for the next million years all I wanted, all I wished for, all I begged for, was to die. But the fates were far too cruel to permit me to so easily atone for my sins.” — New Teen Titans #81.

tiny4 The Anti-Monitor’s opposite number, the Monitor, chose to use Mossa as his agent. Giving him the ability to sense disasters, the Monitor used Pariah to track the progress of the Anti-Monitor’s anti-matter attacks. Pariah believed this was punishment for his sins — something which he dealt with in Crisis and resolved to move past. However, subsequent appearances have continued to have him spouting off about how this is an atonement for his great sin. Go figure.

Nowadays, presumably, Pariah is still bouncing through time/space (and Hypertimelines?), witnessing disasters. He’s been shown once in the New 52, as a prisoner of the US government in Vibe # 1.

For the record, Pariah is invulnerable to all harm (Superman was unable to hurt him in War of the Gods #2) and teleports across the multiverse with ease (but only when summoned to a disaster).

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