It’s a Monday.

mellisa_clarke_10_001Yep, it’s a Monday here at Ye Olde Blog. Had a nice day yesterday with my family so now it’s back to the daily grind!

I continue to split my writing between Gravedigger Volume Two and Lazarus Gray Volume Five. Both stories are going really well – on the Tales of The Rook front, there’s still one story that I haven’t received so I don’t know when that volume will be scheduled. This will definitely be the last of the Tales of The Rook series and I have no plans whatsoever to return to the character any time soon. Tommy Hancock is still penciled in to write volumes 7-9 of the main Rook series and hopefully his schedule will allow him to do it, as it was a cool idea he had.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I went off on a little rant last night about fans of certain classic pulp characters who seemed actively opposed to new adventures featuring their favorites. I don’t understand that at all. If I love something, then I want it to be a living, breathing property and not confined to just stories from nearly a hundred years ago. Though they might not want to admit it, new stories generate new excitement. For whatever reason, Barnes & Noble doesn’t stock the excellent Sanctum reprints of classic Shadow novels. But if there were new novels, perhaps timed to coincide with a new film or tv series? They’d be on the shelves — I lost track of how many different editions of John Carter of Mars I saw at Barnes & Noble in the months leading up to the release of the film! Had the film been more successful, would I have been interested in new John Carter stories? Yes! I love the old ones but I am not automatically opposed to continuations of beloved heroes. The large number of Sherlock Holmes pastiches I’ve read can testify to that. Have all the new Holmes stories been good? Nope. Some have been awful. Did any of them ruin the classics for me? No. And if you don’t want to read new stories? Then don’t!

And as for folks who say “But I wouldn’t be able to afford new books *and* the reprints!”

Cry me a freakin’ river. Welcome to the real world, where people have to make decisions. Do you think Lucasfilm/Disney sits back and says “Maybe we should put out less Star Wars merchandise since the fans can’t afford to buy everything?”

Hell no! People pick and choose what they buy — and I’d love to have so many choices of Shadow or Avenger product that I had to make decisions like that!

Our model today is the lovely Mellisa Clarke, who was one of the visual inspirations I had in mind for Charity Grace (aka Gravedigger)

Take care!

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