michael-fassbenderFirst of all, Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you’re able to enjoy a happy day with family, cherishing those around you or remembering those you’ve lost.

I have to share my appreciation to my own mom, who allowed me the freedom to grow up into the very strange man I am today. Thanks, mom!

I’ll be busy in conferences most of next week so you expect to see a few more “From the Vault” posts than usual. Tuesday will see the most popular Marvel Heroic RPG writeup I’ve ever done get another shot at the front page of the site, then on Thursday we’ll be bringing back a classic post from the past that will hopefully generate some discussion. I’ll try to maintain our regular “features” as well, with Wednesday showcasing another Character I Love, Friday bringing another New Pulp Recommendation and Saturday showing off another Matinee feature. By the way, if you have requests about any of those features, let me know. I’d even be willing to turn over the blog to a guest writer on occasion if you had a character or recommendation that you really wanted to share.

I’m off to visit with the various moms in my life. Take care out there!

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