Random Thoughts

emma-watson-elle-2011-8_thumbWelcome back to Ye Olde Blog!

Nothing too dramatic to report on this morning so I’m just going to throw out a few things that are running through this brain of mine. Strap yourselves in — my head can be a scary place sometimes.

I did a little experiment this weekend – you see, last Monday I posted a picture of a pretty girl in a catsuit and the hits went through the roof. So on Sunday, I ran another image of the same actress in another catsuit… and, once again, my hits were nearly double what they usually are for an average Sunday! I’m not sure yet if it’s the popularity of Jenna-Louise Coleman or of pretty girls in catsuits but it seems I’ve stumbled upon the key to driving up hits to the blog! I don’t plan to do Catsuit Mondays or anything but I certainly find it amusing – as well as the fact that I’m now getting multiple hits each day from people looking for “catsuits”. Forget New Pulp – I apparently need to be writing spicy stories featuring cute brunettes in tight outfits.

Wait! I do that already — it’s called Gravedigger! Of course, her outfit isn’t really designed for massive sex appeal. An obvious flaw in her creation….

Anyway, this week’s episode of The Shadow Fan Podcast should be a Dynamite show! See what I did there? We’re going to be talking about the solicitations for Dynamite’s July 2013 comics, Masks # 6 and The Shadow # 12. Fun times. Look for it either tomorrow or Thursday, depending on how my schedule goes.

I’ve been watching and enjoying Defiance on Sy-Fy. It’s a fun little show and I think it has a lot of potential for future storylines. If you’re looking for a new science fiction show to geek out about, I recommend it.

Read the first issue of Jupiter’s Legacy. Very enjoyable! The hype on it has been a little extreme but the story was good and the art was freakin’ gorgeous. Highly recommended.

Reading Wayne of Gotham, a Batman novel written by Tracy Hickman. So far, I haven’t decided if I like it or not. I’ll do a full review soon.

Well, I should get back to writing Gravedigger Volume Two — see you guys tomorrow, when I’ll have another installment of “Characters I Love.”

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