Secrets of the Dead

lg_origins_01_refined_roughHello, Tuesday!

Yesterday was kind of an interesting day here at the blog — I posted a picture of a pretty lady in a catsuit and it went viral there, with many people sharing the link and quite a few comments. And my hits…! I got about twice the usual number of hits that I do on a Monday. Fascinating. Perhaps I should start doing Catsuit Mondays or something.

Anyway, I shifted gears and started writing on Gravedigger Volume Two yesterday, as I really wanted to get this first chapter put down on paper. So far, it’s going quite well — if you enjoyed Li Yuchun in Volume One (and, if you didn’t, *why didn’t you???*), you’ll be pleased to know that she gets right into the thick of things with this one.

Also had a lengthy email exchange with George Sellas about some upcoming projects and he told me that he’s still hard at work on the Lazarus Gray Origins pages. To celebrate, here’s a look at the rough for page one of “Secrets of the Dead” (which is the name for the Lazarus Gray section of Origins). This is NOT the finished page, nor is it the entire Lazarus sequence. Eventually, I hope to get the entire Origins script done by George but for now, we’re focusing on just the Lazarus section. If you look at this and don’t get chills, you’re a stronger person than I. I adore this page! Anyway, I’ll let you get busy oohing and ahhing over it.

Tomorrow is another installment of Characters I Love. Hope to see you there.

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