Random Thoughts

lg07_morgan_watts_smallWelcome back to Ye Olde Blog! It’s a Thursday, which means that we’re thankfully getting closer to the weekend. I have a meeting later this afternoon that I’m not looking forward to — with any luck, it will go smoothly (and shortly).

Uploaded the 29th episode of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast yesterday and, as always, I’m amazed by the response. Who knew so many people would want to listen to me ramble for 30 minutes every week? Of course, I’m not the real draw — it’s The Shadow, pulp’s greatest crimefighter! Anyway, this week I talked about two classic Shadow novels and the 11th issue of Dynamite’s comic book series.

Speaking of comics, I’ll be signing books at Avalon Comics in Macon, Georgia for Free Comic Book Day this year. Artist supreme Craig Hamilton (perhaps best known for his Aquaman work) will be there with me. Looking forward to a fun day at the comic shop. If you’re in the area, you can find the shop at 2384 Ingleside Avenue in Macon. I’ll have plenty of books on hand but if you want, bring one you’ve already purchased and I’ll sign that, too.

Sad news came yesterday as they announced that Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game was being cancelled. They only printed two books in hard copy with all the rest being available as pdf’s only. I own them all but I’m going to miss the system. I’ll continue using it, though, and might share more writeups on this blog in the future. I had a request to do The Spider….

Work on Lazarus Gray Volume 5 is still going quite well. I still need to go back and finish off that weird western story for Mechanoid Press, too. Work on the Rabbit Heart sequel has stopped again — I hit another wall and I’m just feeling it at the moment. So it’s Lazarus right now!

Got a new review of Lazarus Gray Volume 1 on Facebook – Bill Craig (author of the Hardluck Hannigan series) read the first eBook in the series and said: Just finished reading Barry Reese’s The Adventures of Lazarus Grey Volume one. Definitely a fast and fun read if you love your pulp with a supernatural flavor, and it was interesting that the lead character put his headquarters on Robeson street in Sovereign City. Myself I would have chosen the corner of Maxwell and Grant. More shadows there you see! But all in all a fun book and I can highly recommend it.

Thanks, Bill! Love the corner of Maxwell & Grant line! I chose Robeson since The Avenger was the biggest inspiration for Lazarus Gray — and that series was always credited to the ‘house name’ of Kenneth Robeson. It was, of course, the work of Paul Ernst, one of the greatest pulp authors who ever lived. In fact, because nobody asked, let me share this with you:

Barry’s Five Favorite Golden Age of Pulp Authors:

1. Walter Gibson

2. Paul Ernst

3. Robert E. Howard

4. Edgar Rice Burroughs

5. Theodore Tinsley

There were plenty of other great ones, mind you, but those are my faves.

Our art today is courtesy of George Sellas and it’s an image of Assistance Unlimited member Morgan Watts. It appeared in the print edition of The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume One.

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