Another Rollicking Gravedigger Review!

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Thanatos, one of the bad guys from Gravedigger, as depicted by Will Meugniot.
Thanatos, one of the bad guys from Gravedigger, as depicted by Will Meugniot.

The Adventures of Gravedigger continues to garner rave reviews, which makes me amazingly happy. I’m so proud of the fact that people are responding to this new character of mine!

New Pulp author Kevin Rodgers posted this review on

“The Adventures of Gravedigger, Volume 1” by Barry Reese is a fast-paced, stand-alone masterpiece! It features other characters created by Mr. Reese, such as Lazarus Gray and The Rook (Max Davies), but readers can enjoy “Gravedigger” without reading the books which feature those Pulp icons. “Gravedigger” begins with a bang…literally…with a violent scene in a battleground, which paves the way for Gravedigger’s sparring matches with the Headless Horseman later in the novel. Gravedigger (aka Charity Grace) must redeem her soul within three years to achieve spiritual enlightenment or her soul will face condemnation. She wreaks havoc on the criminals and sleazebags of Sovereign City with brutal delight. (At times, I noticed similarities between “Gravedigger” and one of Reese’s previous works, an ultra-violent novel called “Rabbit Heart”). Reese hooked me with the stunning prologue, kept me turning the pages with the quick pacing of the dynamic chapters, and left me eager for “The Adventures of Gravedigger, Part 2” after I finished the book. The book is a must-have for anyone who enjoys supernatural horror mixed with acts of bloody retribution and stunning action sequences. Pick up a copy of “Gravedigger, Volume One” today…you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks so much for the review, Kevin! I tried hard to make sure that the cameos by Lazarus and The Rook didn’t overshadow Gravedigger – or make readers feel like they were missing something if they hadn’t been reading those other series. I’m glad that it seems to have worked for you. You’re the first one to really mention the similarities between Gravedigger and Rabbit Heart but I was aware of them as I wrote this book. What can I say? I like that archetype of the female heroine with the sword. 🙂

Thanks again for taking the time to post your review!

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