Thursday Stuff

lg_v3_darkling_vs_silver_wolf_smallThe weekend is getting nearer and nearer… just have to keep hanging in there! Last night, i was surprised to receive a phone call from Shadow expert and all around good guy Anthony Tollin. We chatted for almost an hour about all kinds of things and Anthony is full of fascinating insights and stories about The Shadow. I’m definitely going to try and get him onto The Shadow Fan’s Podcast because he’s just too valuable a resource not to share with everybody.  A very pleasant time, at least on my end 🙂 I’m sure I wasn’t nearly as interesting.

Got a call from GC360, which is a televised news program put on by the students of the local university. They say they’re interested in setting up an interview with regards to my writing and, specifically, the fact that Die Glocke won Best Novel in the Pulp Ark Awards. I’ll talk to them today and see what we can set up — I’m not too keen on a visual interview but we’ll see, lol.

Work is moving briskly on with Lazarus Gray Volume Five – it’s off to a very good start! The Lazarus story I’m currently writing is a good example of the intertwined nature of my pulp adventure universe. A pirate by the name of Hendrick Van der Decken was introduced in “The Phantom Vessel” (The Rook Volume Four), in which the undead pirate is freed from his watery grave in 1943. I really enjoyed his character, so when I wrote Guan-Yin and the Horrors of Skull Island, I used Van der Decken as one of the villains of that story, which was set in the 17th century. Now, Lazarus Gray Volume Five (set in 1937), Van der Decken’s lost hordes of treasure are referenced again, though the undead pirate himself won’t be appearing (after all, he can’t be freed until 1943, remember?). Now, these three stories are all unrelated, except for the way our villainous pirate crosses into each but it’s a set of fun Easter eggs for those who read them all.

Speaking of Lazarus Gray, Volume 3 should be out before too long — expect me to start pimping that one really hard soon. Volume 3 is the middle chapter of the huge epic that spans books 2-4 and it introduces a couple of major characters to the universe: Eidolon and The Darkling. Both of those folks will return for Volume 4, as well. The image that’s running with this blog post today comes from Volume Three and shows The Darkling squaring off a villain by the name of The Silver Wolf. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out which character is which! 😉

I continue to get great feedback from folks about The Adventures of Gravedigger and I’m thrilled by it all! I was really proud of the book and think that George Sellas did the best cover of his career (which is really saying something!). Don’t worry, there will be more Charity Grace coming in the future.

Tales of The Rook — I’m still waiting on one more story. The first four that have been turned in are being edited now. All are winners so far! I hope to get this one out to you before the end of the year. While the first book was a breeze, with pretty much everyone turning in their stories early, this one has been more problematic. Writers have come and gone on the project multiple times and the whole experience has just been a bit of a headache. As such, I think Volume Two will be the last in that series. Tommy Hancock is still scheduled to write a trilogy of Rook novels (which would be volumes 7-9 in the main series).

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