Another Thrilling Tuesday!

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cover-3Welcome back to Ye Olde Blog!

Posted The Shadow Fan’s Podcast Episode 28 this morning. I cover a classic novel from 1934, a great story arc from the 1987 Shadow comic series… and then I go off on a huge rant about Dynamite’s Masks # 5. Now I’m all hoarse from talking for so long. I think that’s why people need co-hosts – it’s somebody else who can talk for awhile! Anyway, if you love The Shadow, I hope you’ll enjoy the show. By the way, if you’re not a member of The Shadow Knows group on Facebook, you’re really missing out. Lots of great chatter about The Shadow and it comes from such luminaries as Anthony Tollin, Ralph Grasso, Jim Beard and David White! Lots of hardcore Shadow fans and many professional authors.

I’ve written a couple thousand words on the first story for Lazarus Gray Volume 5. My plan is for Volume 5 to contain 4-6 short stories, much as the first book did. With books 2-4, I did two novellas in each one and all three of those books contained an overarching storyline, meaning that in the end, I see 2-4 as long story. Since that story ends in 4, Volume 5 is a chance for us all to take our collective breath and just enjoy some “ordinary” adventures… of course, with Lazarus Gray, nothing’s ever ordinary! After I write the first story, I’ll try to finish off the weird west tale I owe Mechanoid and then maybe I’ll start Gravedigger Volume 2…. then it’s back to Lazarus Gray.

Our art today is from a really obscure source. Wayne Skiver created a character named Prof. Stone that was quite popular in the early days of the modern New Pulp movement – his adventures were originally published by Wild Cat Books and sales were strong enough that a magazine called Prof. Stone Adventures was introduced, featuring prose and comics. Issue 3 featured “The Gorgon Conspiracy,” a classic adventure of The Rook that later appeared in The Rook Volume Two. The cover brought The Rook & Prof. Stone together for the first time in print… Prof. Stone later appeared in The Rook Volume Five as a guest-star. This issue is very hard to come by! If you can track down any of the issues of the magazine or the Prof. Stone collection, you should do so. Pulpy fun, indeed!

On a much more serious note, I want to acknowledge the horrors that occurred in Boston yesterday. There are days that I really wish the heroes I write about were real people so they could bring the bad guys to justice. But we live in the real world — and there are plenty of *real* heroes to pick up the slack. My thoughts are with all those affected by the bombings and I hope the good guys are on the trail of those responsible.

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