media-interview1It’s been a good week for me — positive reviews are rolling in on Gravedigger and the PR machine is churning steadily. It seems like we’ve hit a tipping point… lately, I’ve been hearing from new readers almost daily!

Just in case you’ve missed all the exciting reviews & interviews:

Lisa Collins interviewed for her blog and we talked Gravedigger & the writing process.

I was a guest at the Atomic Anxiety website where Mark Bousquet grilled me about Gravedigger, Rabbit Heart and Robbie Williams!

Davide Mana reviewed Gravedigger — but it’s in Italian! Suffice to say, he liked it a lot!

The Nocturnal Aesthetic took a look at New Pulp and, in particular, the first book in the Lazarus Gray series!

A new review of Monster Aces went up at Amazon.

Chris Dingsdale posted a great review of Gravedigger over on Amazon UK.

Keep your eyes tuned for more — I’m going to be popping up in some surprising places in the coming weeks!


  1. You’ll be surprised to learn (or maybe not) that quite a few Italian readers were convinced yours were graphic novels, not “proper” novels – because of the highly dynamic and “comic-book-like” cover art.
    Talk about judjing a book by the cover!

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