Another Gravedigger Review!

Gravedigger_06_smallOver on Amazon UK, Chris Dingsdale has posted a review of The Adventures of Gravedigger Volume One. I’m very pleased to say that he really liked it! Here’s what he had to say:

5 out of 5 Stars

One of these days I will finish up a Barry Reese book and think; “OK but it really didn’t do it for me”.

Today however is not one of those days, and I cannot imagine one anytime soon, frankly.

Barry is fast becoming one of my favourite authors of New Pulp or indeed any genre and I admit to eagerly looking forward to his latest work, which brings me to “The Adventures of Gravedigger Vol 1”.

Once more this is part of the Sovereign City project but I prefer to think of it as the “Barry-Verse”. It has a better “ring” to it.

Thus you get appearances from some other Reese alumni such as (my main man) The Rook together with Lazarus Gray and Assistance Unlimited. These cameos are in no way superficial however. They form part of the main story and drive the book forward in an ever engaging manner.

“Gravedigger” hits the ground running ( or at least digs her way out! ) and fills the reader in on anything he or she needs to know on the way without ever slowing the story pacing.

Along the way you will find out some about very illuminating Sovereign City mythology introducing deadly new adversaries to the scene.

Like Barry’s other books it is two fisted adventure with just the right dose of supernatural thrill and once again Barry’s plotting and pacing throws up some unexpected surprises and story twists. For example Charity Grace ( Gravedigger) is related to Samantha Grace of Assistance Unlimited but just how she is related threw me a curve.

The supporting characters are equally strong – always a feature of Barry’s books and I will be forever grateful for a section called “The Strange Horror of Hendry Hall”.

I mean the title alone is good enough to make me part with cash but chuck in elements of “The Cat and the Canary” AND “Sleepy Hollow”…

Well you try and resist huh?

Exciting and recommended.

More volumes required please, Barry.


Thanks so much for the review, Chris! I think that Gravedigger is the best thing I’ve written and I’m pleased that you enjoyed it so much! I’m entering you into the Gravedigger Review Contest, which means that you have a chance of winning a hard copy of the next Reese Unlimited release! Good luck and thanks so much for taking the time to post your feelings about the book. With any luck, you’ll get more Gravedigger in the very near future!

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