monstersIt’s a good day for reviews here at Ye Olde Blog! Bruce Blanchard posted the following review of Monster Aces over on Here’s what he had to say:

You say there are no monsters? Tell that to the Aces, experts hunting and destroying the monsters plaguing human kind. Meet the team. The leader is Cap’n of a secretive past. Joker is a man who can sweet talk their way in and out of situations. Gats, formerly a gangster, knows the power of firearms. Digger, big as an ox, is one with the earth, sussing out entrances and exits. Trill, the darling of the dangerous Aces, makes a point of showing up uninvited making their situations better…or worse. Carrying them around the world is the Whale, a ship with the able Mariner at the helm.

Monster Aces is a gathering of five stories written by Jim Beard, Barry Reese, Van Allen Plexico, and Ron Fortier. They will take you on a tour of the world with your points of entry: the primitive village of Nacht, Geeter Swamp, the deadly Amazon, Aroostook County (Maine), and Bahia Blanca in Argentina.

The Aces are no slouches, neither are the monsters they face and definitely not the stories written by these fine gentlemen. The descriptive words in each story flourish in the flavor of their locales. The main characters stand out strong and distinctive. Not even one of the secondary characters are throwaways. The battles within the pages are perilous and the quests up to and meeting the monsters are adventures we can only dream about. You will find the reading is escapist and also exciting and heart-stopping. Get Monster Aces now; you will not regret it. This comes with my personal promise and reputation as a reviewer.

Thanks for the review, Bruce! I really enjoyed working on Monster Aces and if there’s ever a volume two, maybe I’ll be invited back to the party.

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