550-neusex1_800Welcome back to Ye Olde Blog! Lots of things to talk about today…

First, I uploaded The Shadow Fan’s Podcast, Episode 27 earlier today. I talk about two classic Shadow novels that both deal with The Shadow’s multiple identities and that’s always a favorite topic of mine. Download away, if you’re a fan of The Shadow.

I also dug out “Starstruck,” the sequel to RABBIT HEART. My slasher horror novel is coming back from Pro Se soon and that’s gotten me to thinking about the long aborted sequel, which I shelved because… Well, because it was just too damned filthy! For folks who read RABBIT HEART, I know that may come as a shock… but trust me, this thing starts off well and above anything that exists outside of gonzo fiction. Anyway, I’m thinking about continuing it from where I left off – not sure if it’ll end up being a full novel or just  novella. Hell, maybe I can talk Tommy Hancock into letting me tack Starstruck on to the end of RABBIT HEART, which would encourage some of you to buy the new edition! Besides, this filthy little thing might be less shocking if it was tucked away at the back of a book, instead of you opening up a new one and immediately seeing a girl having sex with a… Ahem. Don’t want to give away too much (and some of you probably wouldn’t want me to complete that sentence anyway!)

My recent post concerning “How Far Is Too Far?” is kind of what got me to thinking about completing this story… that and the Atomic Anxiety interview where Mark Bousquet asked me about RABBIT HEART. All of those things have conspired to make me reconsider my desire to avoid publishing this thing.

Yes, it’s filthy.

Yes, it’s shocking.

Yes, it’s the kind of thing that polite people would never discuss in public.

But, honestly, when has that ever stopped us before?

I might change my mind again… but I think I’ll write some blood, guts and disgusting sex for the next few days and see what we end up with.

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