Amazon user Darkendale has become our first entry in The Gravedigger Review Contest! The first three Amazon reviewers will be entered into a drawing to win a win copy of the next Reese Unlimited release!

Darkendale gave the book 5 stars out of 5. Here’s his review:

I bought this book the instant it came out, and Barry Reese did not disappoint me! I was also pleased to see that The Necronomicon plays a part in this story, a suggestion I had given Barry Reese in another of my reviews. Thanks, Barry!

This new character is different from Reese’s usual pulp character. She is supernaturally empowered, she does not shrink from killing, and she has agents instead of associates, people who do recon work for her. When the time comes for action, Gravedigger is on her own. Her agents would simply get in the way during one of her battles, their expertise lies elsewhere.

Gravedigger faces her own unique set of foes, those with something not quite normal about them, a touch of otherworldly power that requires an avenger powered by supernatural forces. We open with a man wielding dark magic from the Necronomicon, pass on to a member of a strange cult called The Sons or Daughters of Malfeasance (whose rather peculiar talent I won’t reveal) who wants to sacrifice family to parlay with an evil headless legend, and finally to a man called Charon, who believes he can control this legendary demon to wage war on the heroes and heroines of Sovereign City. Each is dangerous in their own way, and Charity Grace, the Gravedigger is taxed to her limit in her battles.

In this volume, Reese again pays tribute to those who have gone before. Gibson Street. Robeson Avenue. As in Walter Gibson, creator of the Shadow and Kenneth Robeson, house name for Lester Dent, creator of Doc Savage. His other characters, The Rook and Lazarus Gray make their guest appearances, each in their own unique way and with their own reactions to Gravedigger’s war on evil.

I highly recommend this book, and others by Barry Reese. I look forward to Barry’s next released project.

I did use the Necronomicon after Darkendale mentioned it in a previous review – I do aim to please 😉


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