spirit-RocketeerIt’s the start of a whole new week here at Ye Olde Blog and it also happens to be April Fool’s Day. I considered doing some sort of joke post for today but I’ve elected not to — so everything you read today is true, or at least as true as you can get when you’re dealing with a man who makes his career making stuff up!

I’m hoping to finish off my weird west story this week but there’s a lot of stuff going on so I’m not sure I’ll be able to swing it. Next week, though? That’s a definite, I would say.

Sales on The Adventures of Gravedigger look good — it’s at rank 383,742 in print and 100,960 in the Kindle store. Not bad at all!

Once I’m finished with the weird west tale, I might go ahead and start work on Gravedigger Volume 2… we’ll see. Something else might pop up before then that catches my attention.

Currently reading a biography of Oscar Wilde and The Return of Shiwan Khan. Good stuff, in both cases.

It was announced by IDW this weekend that they’ll be publishing a limited series pairing The Rocketeer with The Spirit. I like both characters so I’m immediately intrigued — especially since Paul Smith is doing the art! I’m less enthused by the presence of Mark Waid as writer… not that he’s not a talented author – he is. It’s just that over the years I’ve been increasingly unable to separate his writing from his arrogant, a**hole persona that he uses in interviews and at cons. I wish he took the high road more often and didn’t seem to look for every possible opportunity to slam his perceived enemies. Having said that, I loved his run on The Flash, enjoyed his first Captain America tenure tremendously and think his Daredevil, while not my cup of tea, is light years ahead of anything done with the character in a long,  long time. In other words, I’ll read this and I expect it to be great… and I expect Waid to slam DC Comics and anyone else who’s on his shit list this week whenever he can. I have the same feelings for Chris Roberson, whose chief beef with JMS seems to be that he has to share his royalties with the guy. Personally, I think Chris should look at it as a small price to pay for raising his profile tremendously. Then move on to bigger and better things, instead of wallowing in the mud whenever he gets the opportunity.

The Spirit is one of my favorite characters though it’s hard for anyone to match the post-War brilliance of Will Eisner. I might have to break out some of those old Kitchen Sink reprints I have….

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