One of those rambling posts.

lollipopWelcome, one and all, to Ye Olde Blog!

Just uploaded the 25th episode of The Shadow Fan. If you’re a fan of The Shadow (and, if you’re not, why aren’t you?), download it and listen to me talk at length about Shiwan Khan’s debut in “The Golden Master” before I move on to issue 10 of Dynamite’s ongoing Shadow comics series. Long story short: “The Golden Master” is good and I really like The Black Sparrow. There. I just ruined the whole episode for you.

Spending part of today answering interview questions. I’ve got two sites who want to run Q&A’s with me about Gravedigger. I’m very flattered anytime someone thinks I’m interesting enough to seek out my viewpoints. I often find myself that interesting — but then again, all writers are a bit egotistical, aren’t we? I mean, we think our creations merit sharing with the world… so it’s no shock that I’d find myself worthy of public adoration lol

I’m in a strange mood today – I apologize. 😉

Still writing away on the Weird West tale, which is going well. I’m about halfway through the story. Once that’s been put in the mail to Mechanoid Press, I might go ahead and start Gravedigger Volume 2. I do have a few inklings about doing something completely new but I don’t think those ideas have coalesced enough for me to actually do anything with them.

Before starting on Volume 2 of Gravedigger, I’ll probably read over (re: “hard skim”) the first book to get me back into that mindset since I’ve been writing some other stuff lately. I do have to admit to being chagrined that I opened volume 2 and saw a typo on the very first page that I looked at. I literally screamed. Both myself and David White went over and over that damned thing — it’s the only one that I’ve noticed but it was still disappointing. Nobody’s perfect, especially me. Still, it’s only one word amongst about 60,000 so hopefully nobody will hold it against me.

I’m currently reading both a Rogue Angel novel and a biography of Oscar Wilde. Once I’m done with one of those, I’ll be diving into either Shiwan Khan Returns or Monster Earth. Maybe I’ll do both!

Take Care, guys.

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