Gravedigger Musings

Gravedigger_06_smallThe response to yesterday’s release of The Adventures of Gravedigger has been extremely gratifying! Most people are, of course, loving that George Sellas cover but a number of folks also seem very intrigued by the premise. Hopefully, once people have started reading, that enthusiasm will be rewarded.

I’m currently  replying to two different interview opportunities so you’ll see me talking about Gravedigger far and wide over the next few weeks. I’ll also be trying to line up some podcasting venues. Stay tuned.

Writing on the weird west tale is going well — I hope to finish it in the next few weeks. I might go ahead and start prep work for Gravedigger Volume 2 at that time since she’s definitely foremost in my thoughts at the moment. I have some definite ideas on where the character can go in the second book but there is that little cliffhanger that I left at the end of volume one that I’ll have to address right off the bat. Some of you may remember that I wanted to create a different sort of team dynamic for Gravedigger — whereas Lazarus Gray treats Assistance Unlimited as his equals, Gravedigger has agents whom she directs to do specific tasks, all aimed at helping her move more efficiently. That’s not to say she doesn’t care about her team – she does – but here the pecking order is quite clear: there’s Gravedigger and then there’s the people who follow her lead. As with The Shadow’s agents, they get their turn in the spotlight but you’ll never be confused about who the star of the Gravedigger series is: it’s Charity.

Anyway, the ending of volume one will sort of play into that. We’re assembling a group of people that Gravedigger will oversee… but she’s only got three years to redeem her soul, so there’s not a lot of time to waste.

And yes, I do have an endgame in mind. Of course, I can squeeze a lot into three years, believe me!

Our art today is one of Will Meugniot’s interior pieces for the book — remember, you only get to see the interior art if you buy the print edition! Pro Se doesn’t include the art in the eBooks.

I’m off to do some work but please help spread the word — Gravedigger is here!



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