Lots of Good Stuff…

Thanatos, one of the bad guys from Gravedigger, as depicted by Will Meugniot.
Thanatos, one of the bad guys from Gravedigger, as depicted by Will Meugniot.

Unfortunately, I can’t talk about most of it.


Got an email this morning with an exciting opportunity for my little universe of characters. It’s something I’ve always wanted to pursue and so I’m looking forward to the chance to do this. Hopefully, it’ll come about and I’ll be able to tell you all the details soon.

Also, The Adventures of Gravedigger will be ready… very, very soon. Keep your eyes peeled for the press release, which should be coming your way later today or tomorrow. I’ll post it here, there and everywhere! I really do think that Charity Grace is going to be a very popular character. Fingers crossed, anyway!

Reading Melmoth by Dave Sim, the fifth novel in the Cerebus series. I took some time off from this series after the majesty that was Jaka’s Story… one of the most emotional works I’d ever read. This one has been very good and has me really interested in Oscar Wilde — about to start a biography of Wilde by Richard Ellman.

On this week’s episode of The Shadow Fan — I’ll be reviewing the latest issue of The Shadow from Dynamite and also The Golden Master, the novel that introduces Shiwan Khan! Fun times.

The weird west story is still moving along well and I’m thinking that people will enjoy their first introduction to Anna Holst, a German beauty with a strange background and destiny in Old West.

Our art today comes from the Gravedigger book and is by the incredible Will Meugniot!

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