Saturday Matinee: Fan Trailers

shadow1994Every Saturday, I find a movie, documentary or cartoon that I think will be of interest to my site’s visitors. Since most of you have an interest in pulp or adventure fiction, I usually aim for something that covers that ground. This week, we’re looking at Fan Trailers. These are exactly what that sounds like: trailers for real movies, but made by the fans. Check it out and you’ll agree that in many cases, the fans know better.

First up, this fan trailer for 1994’s The Shadow. Now THIS movie would have been simply amazing! What I love is how all the scenes and all the dialogue are from the original film but with different editing and music score, the effect is quite different. I love this!

If you saw the Indiana Jones Blu Ray Collection commercial, you know it basically amounted to “It’s Indy! Buy it!” But this fan trailer is a lot more fun and really makes you excited for the collection:

I adore 1999’s The Mummy film and think the original trailers are just fine. But this one is fun, too, and makes me want to go back and re-watch the movie!

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