Thursday Stuff

RU Proof r1Uploaded episode 23 of The Shadow Fan Podcast — I review a trio of Shadow-related books this time around and have a fun time doing it. If you love The Shadow, I think you’ll enjoy it! I’m still amazed that Conde Nast hasn’t allowed any new Shadow prose novels since the 1960s… if this podcast has proven one thing to me, it’s that there’s a huge underground love for this character and they’re just leaving money on the table by not exploiting that.

Started work on my Rook story for Tales of The Rook Volume 2 and it should be done fairly soon. Also signed up David White to contribute to the book since we ended up losing two of our authors along the way. This all means that the book will be pushed back to late 2013 but I think you’ll have plenty to read before then — heck, you’ll have Lazarus Gray Volume 3 and Gravedigger Volume 1 soon!

It is strange to be working on The Rook again, though. I mean, he appears in Gravedigger, so I’ve written the character fairly recently… but it’s hard to get back into the mindset for him. I’ve been living in Sovereign City with Lazarus & Gravedigger too long, I guess. Or maybe it’s time to be completely honest and admit that my heart has moved on from Max Davies. I’ll always have a soft spot for the character but to be honest, I see a lot more passion from other writers and fans for him than I feel. Yet another reason why Tales of The Rook might be the last new Rook stuff you see from in the near future — though other writers have projects featuring him, with my oversight.

Still working my way through Doc Savage: Skull Island. Look for a very detailed review soon.