Saturday Matinee: The Making of The Man of Bronze

Pat_Savage_by_ronsalasWelcome to a regular feature at Ye Olde Blog: The Saturday Matinee! Every Saturday, I post a video of some kind that I think is worth your time. I recommend that you grab a bag of popcorn, your drink of choice and get cozy in your chair… ’cause you’re going to enjoy this!

Back in 1975, George Pal masterminded the making and release of Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze. The film was a disappointment to most, as it was full of camp and some silly interpretive choices. But if you like a lot of cheese with your films, it can be enjoyed for what it is. The following is a “making of” featurette that covers Pal’s thinking about the movie and how some of the important scenes were shot.

It’s not high art but it’s hokey fun, nonetheless. Hopefully, we’ll get a more serious Doc film in the future!

Our art today is by Ronald Salas and comes from Deviant Art — it shows Doc’s lovely cousin, Pat!