The Times They Are A-Changin’

mellisa_clarke_dark_eyesI informed Ron Hanna of Wild Cat Books today that I wanted him to remove The Damned Thing, Rabbit Heart and Guan-Yin and the Horrors of Skull Island from print. I’ve always been really proud of The Damned Thing & Rabbit Heart but the edits on both books have always been a bit rough and I’m going to be making sure they get a thorough scrubbing before I re-release them. I do plan to keep the cover artwork from the amazing Jason Levesque and he’s given me permission to continue the use of the art in the new editions.The main characters of those two books — Violet Cambridge and Fiona Chapman — are two of my favorite creations and I’m proud to say that the people who have managed to make their way through the books seem to agree that they’re amongst my best works.

As for Guan-Yin, I have no plans to return that one to print — it was always the least popular of my works, garnering some pretty terrible reviews over the years. To be honest, I don’t they were entirely unwarranted, either. So Guan-Yin will probably be gathering dust for the time being. I do hope, however, to put Rabbit Heart & The Damned Thing on the fast-track to publication. I’m not sure if these will be out again in print or if I’ll go with eBook only. I’m also not sure if they will appear via my Reese Unlimited imprint or if I’ll self-publish them, which is something that Mat Nastos keeps urging me to do, lol. really don’t want to get into self-publishing but once these things are edited, I want them back out there for sale ASAP and I’m not sure I want to wait for the Pro Se publication schedule to open up for that to happen.

This does mean if you don’t want to wait for the new editions and you want to get those books on the cheap, you better buy them right this second. They’ll be joining most of The Rook series as out-of-print soon, which means online vendors will be selling them for hundreds of dollars.

Or you could always buy them straight from me, courtesy of the Merchandise link at the top of the blog.

Moving on!

A new episode of Ubergeeks (# 45) went live today — check it out! Cari & I hit up the Orson Scott Card controversy and discuss our Top 5 Movie Quotes.

I was the guest on this week’s edition of Ralph’s Rants, where I was interviewed by the irrepressible Ralph Angelo. I think our discussion went pretty well so check it out!

From what I’ve heard, Gravedigger is still on track for a late March release — which means Lazarus Gray Volume 3 should be arriving in April. I really, really think you guys are going to like these books!

Our lovely model today is one of the primary visual inspirations I had for Charity Grace, aka Gravedigger. Dark & lovely… and very, very deadly. Gravedigger will feature a stunning cover by George Sellas and six interior pieces by legendary artist Will Meugniot!

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