Feeling A Bit Ruffled Today

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lg01_lazarus_solo_with_textReceived the galley proofs for an upcoming book this morning so I’ll be spending part of my day looking over the file for any last-minute corrections that might be needed. Working on iconic characters is always a blast and when they’re ones that you’ve always felt a special connection to, that makes it even more special. I hope you guys will enjoy this when it’s finally released.

I’m about to start writing the penultimate chapter to Lazarus Gray Volume Four. It’s going to be a real doozy, wrapping up the storyline that began with Volume Two. After that, I’ll take maybe a day off and then dive into completing my story for Tales of The Rook Volume Two. My Rook story will bring back a rather obscure character from The Rook canon, one that’s getting an exciting makeover courtesy of George Sellas, who also contributed some plot/character ideas for the villain. It’s been awhile since I wrote Max Davies – he did pop up in Gravedigger but it’s different when a character is in a guest-starring role. I also did an animation script for Pro Se featuring The Rook but I’m not sure if that will ever develop into anything… if it doesn’t, maybe we’ll run the script in a future volume of The Rook series.

The Pulp Ark Awards should hopefully announced soon — I’ve been lucky enough to win a couple of those things but with all the competition this year, I don’t expect to add another to my mantle. Even so, I’m curious as heck to see who DID win! I definitely hope to see some of the things I voted for taking home the big prizes as they really deserve the recognition.

This week on The Shadow Fan Podcast I’ll be reviewing The Shadow Year One # 1 from Dynamite and a classic Shadow novel with the title “The Devil Master” — should be a fun little chat.  Look for that one to be released on Thursday.

Our art today is a classic piece by George Sellas, showing off Lazarus Gray — it appeared in Volume One of the series.

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