Tuesday Nonsense

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robert mcginnis. girl. 001Welcome to the Tuesday edition of Ye Olde Blog! A number of things are running through my mind this morning:

Heard the new David Bowie tune – “The Stars Are Out Tonight” – and really loved it. I’m a longtime Bowie fan and I’m thrilled to have him back, making wonderful music. I’m counting down the days to the album release!

Watched another episode of The Following last night, the Kevin Bacon series about a Poe-obsessed killer and his followers. It’s like a train wreck — I want to see how it ends but the amazing stupidity & incompetence of the FBI on this show continues to boggle my mind. Every episode, at least three things happen that leave me going “WTF?!!!” This is seriously some bizarre plotting with no real regard for common sense. And yet… I wanna see how they resolve this mess. I think my inner masochist is coming to the fore.

I should be recording a new episode of Ubergeeks tonight and there will be another The Shadow Fan coming on Thursday. I’m a podcasting fool. On The Shadow Fan, I’ll be talking about “The Shadow’s Rival,” a truly bizarre story from 1936.

I’m knocking on the door of 60,000 words on Lazarus Gray Volume Four. Featuring a whole host of characters who’ve popped up over the course of books 2-4, it really does put a nice little bow on the long-running storyline. Speaking of which, you should be able to read Volume Three very, very soon. I think you’ll enjoy it — but definitely keep in mind that the true end of that story won’t come until Volume Four!

Got some more cool artwork from George Sellas last night for The Rook Special Edition Volume Three — hopefully you’ll get Volume Two soon! We need to get these bad boys back into print!

Speaking of art, our accompanying piece today comes from the amazing Robert McGinnis, whose incredible covers caused me to buy lots of books that I never would have otherwise. Enjoy!

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